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[Reggar Hardware] Reggar Hardware won the outstanding contribution award of Zhi Bang kitchen cabinet

In February 16, 2017, the 2017 annual supplier summit of the Chi state kitchen cabinet was held in Hefei.

  In February 16, 2017, the 2017 annual supplier summit of the Chi state kitchen cabinet was held in Hefei. Many famous brands in the industry participated in this grand meeting. As one of the invited brands, Reggar Hardware was solemnly attended the grand meeting and won the "Chi state kitchen cabinet outstanding contribution award".

  Mr. Zhong Hongwen, chairman of the chairman of Beijing Rui eg, has made an award at the supplier summit. He said he was very honored to attend the summit and expressed his sincere thanks to the Chi state kitchen cabinet for years of trust and support for the Reggar Hardware. Not only that, Mr. Zhong Hongwen also talked about the future years of Reggar Hardware. Exhibition planning.

  (Liu Xiaoping manager of Le card hardware Hefei Office)

  Reggar Hardware has been developed for nearly 20 years so far. It is a highly influential high-end furniture and cabinet hardware manufacturer. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the "German quality, service global" brand concept, adhered to world class precision and high quality God, and has established long and famous brands with many famous brands. A stable cooperative relationship provides customers with high-end, comfortable and durable hardware products, bringing convenience, happiness and high quality home life to more families around the world. This award won the distinguished contribution award of Zhi Bang kitchen cabinet. It is the recognition of Reggar Hardware and the encouragement of Reggar Hardware brand development.


In 2017, we should not only roll up the sleeves and do the products and services, but also take up the leg to run hard, faster and better to provide customers with high quality products and services, research and development of high quality hardware, improve the level of supporting services, follow the pace of the development of customers. We firmly believe that the only focus, the confidence, the only confidence, the calm, facing the future, the reggar hardware people will continue to make persistent efforts to meet your professional vision and sagacious insight to meet the people's pursuit of high quality life.